Brooke Josephson — Live and Let Live (EP)

Colin Jordan
3 min readNov 18, 2023

Established Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Brooke Josephson just released her new EP entitled “Live and Let Live.” This short but sweet collection of music delivers in spades.


The opening track “Good Kinda’ Tired” kicks things off perfectly. This upbeat intro track showcases her reserved vocal confidence throughout that never once wavers. Some singers work through long careers, never quite reaching a high point, but here Josephson proves she’s there today, via this vibrant yet relatable piece of music. “Good Kinda’ Tired” shows real hope through adversity. I really like the “hopeful” vibe of this song throughout and the string segment at conclusion

“No for an Answer” sees Josephson capitalize on the song’s melodic strengths throughout, especially during its chorus. What an amazing message this song delivers! The piano in combination with her stunning Mezzo Soprano deliver an amazing balance from beginning to end. The theme of this piece is all about courage and the ability to be “true to self” during life’s journey. These are real tangible life’s lessons that full of wisdom and beauty.

There’s a theatrical quality in Josephson’s voice and music. At times she reminds me of Faith Hill, Celine Dion, Lana Del Ray, Laura Pausini — but honesty she sounds more like herself than anyone else. She exhumes an iconic power overall with impressive finesse and vibrato front and center. She moves from intimacy to assertiveness and back again with impressive flow and ebb compatible to the movement.

“Burning Journals” is a song I would describe as powerful, memorable and epic. Josephson is in full vocal command from the onset which ranks as my top pick in the catalog. The nuanced, deeply felt gracefulness that Josephson’s voice conveys throughout the performance will bedazzle all but the hardest of hearts. This song packs top-shelf songwriting with all the embellishments one would expect from a pro caliber pop production.

This leads up to the title track which has an amazing build that ratchets the artistic stakes even higher. “All we never Had” begins with striking intro coupled with slow, dramatic build delivering bold significance and lush rewards as it slowly moves forward. Josephson has an obvious preference for writing about interpersonal relationships. Her ability to put a distinctive stamp on such subject matter distinguishes her from other singer/songwriters never once feeling over the top or sappy.

“Eye in the Sky” ends the EP in a bittersweet fashion. It’s one of Josephson’s most moving recreations. There’s a bold honesty throughout this piece as the lyrics are moving and personally intimate.

This amazing collection of music from Brooke Josephson reaffirms my faith in iconic pop music again.

The best thing about “Live and Let Live” is Brooke Josephson herself. Her allure, her sophistication, her wisdom, her messages, her strength and resiliency, her courage, her iconic beauty and most of all her infectious soul. All of the aforementioned delivered with genuine passion and grace enable “Live and Let Live” to somehow transcend space and time — to any listener bold enough to venture hand in hand through its lasting sentiments.

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