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How would you describe Rad Horror’s music? Your sound seems to change a bit with each new song.

Being in Rad Horror allows us to freely create without any restrictions, which is why I love this band so much. I’d describe it as a very eclectic, alternative sound. I never feel the need to follow a formula, and I never feel the need to follow a trend which is why you won’t typically hear the same exact sound with each song. Everything becomes a surprise, even to myself.

Who are your top 3 musical influences? And why have they influenced you?

It’s extremely difficult to pick out 3 musicians, bands, or artists that have defined or influenced me, but I will say that I thoroughly enjoy when artists can create emotion and sincerity while threading the needle of pop music. Musicians that do this well that I have come to love throughout my life are The Cure, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Dylan.

What do you want fans to take away from your latest single “Everybody But Myself’’?

It’s a song about wanting to please everyone. When you come to realization that you’ve given everything you’ve had to other people in your life and you’re left with nothing but skin and bones… It is a lonely and hollow feeling.

We know you’re based in Los Angeles and that you grew a substantial underground following there. How have you grown your fan base beyond LA? Have you toured much across the US and outside the US?

Yes, for sure, and it’s been such a great experience. We’ve done a few North American tours and we’ve done one European Tour. It’s always fun building a new band and seeing where it will take you. We like to stay in touch with the fans all over the world. Europe is bit different as far as time zones rather than the US or Brazil so I’ll wake up in the middle of the night to go live on Instagram so this way they can be in touch with us while it’s daytime in their countries.

When did you know you were destined for a career in music?

Honestly, I picked up the guitar at 11 years old and never really looked back. I’ve always had this weird mentality from a very young age that it wasn’t impossible to make money doing music. I’ve always loved it and love is the driving force behind everything we do.

What do you like to do in your down time, when you aren’t playing or recording music? How have you been holding up during this nation-wide quarantine?

Ha! I don’t really know what downtime is because I’m consistently in the studio with other artists or for Rad Horror. I also started a label ‘Velvet Exit’ as well as a Management company to work with other producers and writers. I’m constantly doing something… But on the rare occasions that I’m not busy, I will read a book. And of course, I do reserve Netflix time for when I get into bed.

Which do you prefer: Being in a recording studio or playing live? And what do you like most about playing live?

Right now, I’d probably say playing live… But ask me after I’ve been on the road for a year and the answer will for sure be the former. Once you’re on the road for so long all you want to do is be back home and when you’re home for an extended period of time all you want to do is go back on the road. The pandemic has shuffled this around in such a crazy way that I’m dying to get back on tour. I don’t think there’s a drug out there that beats the feeling of hundreds or thousands of people cheering when you walk out on the stage. It’s a high like I’ve never felt.

How has Rad Horror evolved as a band over the last year — especially with not being able to tour?

We’ve taken the time to focus on writing and for everyone to experiment with their own individual hobbies which has been a really nice change of pace. We were in the middle of a long tour when everything started getting cancelled, so it was it was a huge adjustment to go back to normalcy. Life throws interesting punches, you can either take them in the face or duck and toss back.

If you could meet, play a gig with, co-write a song with, have dinner or have a drink with any band or artist (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

I think Elliot Smith is one of the most interesting characters in Alternative music. I would love to have dinner with him and pull back some of the mysticism that lies there. I’d want to know his loves and I’d want to know his pains. I think it would be a thrilling yet settling experience… He has always been this illusive figure in my mind.

What’s next for you — will there be more singles and possibly an EP in 2021?

The band is constantly going to be putting out new songs and more throughout 2021. We like to have as much as possible while we do it, so I try to bring myself back to the place of the reason I started making music to begin with. Whatever happens, happens. I got into this so I could continue putting out music forever, so it will probably never stop!

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