REVIEW: Marcello Vieira — Southern Outlaw (Single)

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Even if you haven’t felt the wind on your face or the heat of the engine on your calf muscles, the revved up classic rock/southern rock standout “Southern Outlaw” from rocker Marcello Vieira will take you on a freedom ride. A lot of sweat equity goes into this journey, and you can almost taste the grit and years of wanting to share his story. This is an anthem, a celebration of the power of music. “Southern Outlaw” can hardly be contained.


So I hustle to the bone, mask on covering my sneer, this a sound, this my premiere, Vieira sings. He sings with purpose, with speed. He’s on a mission and this fast-driving song snaps up the mood. The guitars, keeping the same pace, run parallel to his gritty voice. The patina on his vocals is optimistic, despite some of the harder edge lyrics in the story line. He sings of his aunt dying, of living a life of sin. It’s all past him now and he’s moving onto life’s next chapter. The ramped up percussion, just as consistent as the guitars, keeps the time clicking and ticking. Ride hard til you get caught up, living fast, brace for the outcome, he sings in the catchy chorus.

Vieira, who wears many hats besides being a session musician and songwriter, is based in the United Kingdom. His other ‘hustle’ is his work as a real estate agent. “Southern Outlaw” breathes new life into the world of a hard work and getting up each day to make a living. Vieira’s vocals project a man that has gotten up several times from being kicked down, but just can’t quit. This song, too, doesn’t quit. It keeps at you, pushing and pulling as the rock guitar seeps into your blood. The contagious riff further bolsters Vieira’s ferocious attitude. The grease in the wheels — or the percussion and bass guitar- just keep pushing and throbbing along, even though they know the guitar is getting all the attention. Further proof that the unsung heroes in the word industry are often the front line workers. I felt that presence in “Southern Outlaw”. The rhythm section is happy to just do their job, they don’t need any medals.

His voice doesn’t have the magic of Freddie Mercury, but he has the goods to really push through and light a spark. You feel like you know him as an artist, and you’ve been friends with him for years just from this one track. He exudes so much personality and confidence in the words that you almost forget that he’s also making a stance and staking claim on any past mistakes or mishaps. It’s genuine.


Classic rock fans will spin when they hear “Southern Outlaw”. It has all the makings of a killer soundtrack to start your day or dust off that dirt and get to working. It’s a man’s man kind of song, but girls aren’t out of luck. Vieira’s can-do attitude and blue-collar rock is just the type of stuff fans of Bon Jovi will whet their appetite.

Colin Jordan

Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer

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