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Mary Kay LaBrie’s two decades and change long career as a leadership and staff development specialist with specific expertise in the field of personality theory and human behavior gives her a unique skill set as a writer. The Western Pennsylvania native brought up close to Pittsburgh first began to think of a future as a writer as a kid when, assigned to write an autobiography at nine years old, her teacher told her she should be a writer.


LaBrie made the leap during the 1990s when she teamed with several like-minded friends to write spec scripts for television sitcoms of the era. Many of the scripts placed in America’s Best Top 50 and included work for top-notch sitcoms such as Murphy Brown and Wings. Other opportunities followed and her writing team with playwright Julie Malady produced the Eastern European immigrant comedy Shoestrings centered on a character LaBrie drew from her family history. This quality in her work, the ability to translate facts of her personal life into her creativity, helps set her apart.

Her runner-up finish in the Austin Heart of Film contest wasn’t a loss. She met director, producer, and writer Daniel Petrie Jr. who restored whatever faith she’s lost along the way in the humanity of Hollywood professionals. The time and advice he gave her later proved invaluable in later efforts to promote her work and helped her score a development deal with producer Jessica Russell. The latter boasts an impressive list of credits such as WiseGirls and Boyz Klub. It is a sign of LaBrie’s abiding potential for contributing to any project that longtime industry pros treat her with such respect. They don’t view her as an outsider or starry-eyed aspirant. She is a peer.


She’s had quasi-patrons of a sort in the world of food blogging as well. LaBrie has risen as a culinary critic on her own merits, for the most part, but success begets more success as Chef Tony Lagana’s move to enlist her as a writer for the online publication for chefs, Menu Innovator, is quite a feather in her cap. Spicelopedia has employed her as a paid spokesperson for their popular spice line and features several of her unique recipes.

She has rejuvenated her writing partnership with Julie Malady for a kitchen stadium rom-com that’s in the offing and another recent romantic comedy The Jealousy Test is generating quite a buzz. The pinnacle of her recent efforts, however, is likely The Monongahela Mysteries, an episodic work with strong characters and a memorable setting. The miniseries is one of the more creative works in the form you’ll encounter as it breaks with convention in several ways.


Based out of the Greater Orlando, Florida area, LaBrie is still as determined to have her voice heard as she was when she began her journey. She has deepened as a writer in every way and there is no sign of her talents slowing down. Any project she pens or involves herself with is well-worth your attention.

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