REVIEW: “A Girl Too Far” (single) by Red Eye

Red Eye and the equally charismatic vocalist, Dennis Demille have joined forces and the resulting “A Girl Too Far” contains the fireworks dreams are made of. Aspiring to be a thematic song for the James Bond franchise, “A Girl Too Far” is one unique rock opera/adult contemporary odyssey. With Demille’s smoldering throw-back voice, and the vintage music bed laced with modern motif, “A Girl Too Far” goes the distance.


Red Eye, whose real name is Trevor Perfect, composes a music bed tight with fluidity and emphatic movements. The synth and the bold, drooping guitar, slowly pausing in cadence with Demille’s dominant vocals. Dah-dah-dah-dah-dun-dun-dun the orchestration moves. It’s like a movie scene, where the audience is about to witness a major heist. Demille, a Britain’s Got Talent alum and connoisseur of Frank Sinatra classics, is the perfect hero to the villainess. The gist of the song is that Demille is setting out a warning to his fellow man — this woman is not to be toiled with. She’s not worth the trouble of a relationship. And, the man on the hunt for her might get himself killed. Time to kill, places to go, yet time goes fast, and pain so slow, you’re a dead man running, a crosshair display, you don’t believe, but you lie there and pray, Demille sings fiercely and half facetiously. Oh you are, a girl too far, but a woman so near, he continues in the chorus, as if he were telling this tall tale during a poker game or in a cigar bar salon. In a twist of fate, he’s somehow the narrator, and it’s so suspenseful.

God, this song is so fun and so intriguing. The music bed is just that dreary, mysterioso caper coda. If the press materials didn’t note Red Eye’s intention for “A Girl Too Far” as a James Bond theme, then I would have suggested it. I think it slips itself perfectly into the Sean Connery Bond character, but maybe even a Roger Moore version. It’s deliciously classy, like Bond, but dangerous (also like bond). Having any other vocalist just wouldn’t have the same magic — Demille comes to play the role and he nails the vocals handsomely. His deep baritone adds a shroud of mystery. “A Girl Too Far” communicates a strong intrigue to the listener, but also a charm that is just sensational. This notorious female is over the top, and Demille’s story is too enamoring to ‘put down’.

Writing excellent songs is not new to Red Eye — he garnered runner-up prize from Severn FM ‘song of the decade’ on the 2016 hit “Moroccan Fruit”. What’s fascinating is that “A Girl Too Far” takes a break from the more social conscious and protest songs Red Eye has done in the past. The legendary John Barry would be giving accolades, too, to “A Girl Too Far” for its unique take on the Bond brand, and staying with the dramatic constraints. No matter the motive, Red Eye aims and secures a winner. “A Girl Too Far” is not to be overlooked.

Colin Jordan