REVIEW: Aaron Crawford — Dreams Don’t Come Cheap (SINGLE)

Country crooner Aaron Crawford stands tall in the beaming new hit, “Dreams Don’t Come Cheap”. Steadfast and brazen with colloquialisms and a catchy rhythm, “Dreams Don’t Come Cheap” casts a wide-open soundscape that teeters between country and pop rock. The subtle guitar twang in the bridge, and Crawford’s baritone vocals are just the right temperature to heat the new year and bring in a new sound for 2022. The hard work pays off and the realization that you make your path comes true — “Dreams Don’t Come Cheap” pays off big time for Crawford.

Crawford quickly distinguishes himself from the other dizzying array of pop/country singers, in my opinion, with his distinct vocals. His voice has the luster of a Sam Elliot-cowboy leading man, but the warmth and likability found so often in Garth Brooks’ discography. What makes Crawford even better is that all the while he’s slaying lyrics like “stay out of the drama” or “don’t make a promise you don’t plan to keep” there is never a condescending tone or authoritative vibe. Listening to him sing these lines is like listening to that revered coach, or even more so, words of wisdom from your father or grandfather (only a younger sounding voice). Crawford triggers that light, that spark with his inferred grit. You find yourself not only following his every note but rooting for him at the same time.

The guitar swelters — that melodic trail it follows cuts a superb path right down the song’s middle. At first the moving music bedrock moves along like a peaceful stream, only to indulge the listener into a deeper sound about the song’s bridge. I liked the tones, the way the song felt like being outside, in the mountains and reflecting upon life’s grand scheme. Crawford’s music bed has a fine way of making you feel like you’re outside and taking it all in — that nature is all around you and you’re just a speck in the bigger picture. He hones in that sound with the electric guitar. The guitar has a spunk to it, a bounce that just alleviates any sorrow or boredom. I could dream and dream big listening to that guitar all day long. I can also easily imagine this song being a show-stopper at an outdoor amphitheater concert. Country music fans, especially, will fall hard for this sing along hit. Stay the course, the music seems to whisper, and hold your head up high and do right by people. It’s as simple as that…Crawford keeps things clean and easy.

A sure-fire toe-tapper — “Dream’s Don’t Come Cheap” is the American anthem we’ve been waiting for. Crawford proves that Manifest Destiny is still a thing, and his voice of a generation is worthy of platinum proportions. In a crowded indie music world, it’s still nice to hear humble lyrics and songs that have strong meanings. Crawford sings what he means — and “Dreams Don’t Come Cheap” cashes in on the artist’s authenticity. His grit and his honor succeeds. “Dreams Don’t Come Cheap” is a fantastic tune.

Colin Jordan




Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer

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Colin Jordan

Colin Jordan

Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer

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