REVIEW: “All Night Again” by Manny Cabo

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The piano sets the tone. His voice elevates the mood. “All Night Again” isn’t your typical Manny Cabo tune — it’s a different side to an artist that can rock harder than most, but bring a tear to your eye just the same. “All Night Again”, a salute to the self-less, caring workers battling an invisible opponent. Colored with his baritone stature, Cabo joins forces once again with prolific songwriter Bonnie Warren. What is clear is that “All Night Again” remedies the listener’s anxieties and creates a see-through bridge from Nashville-based Cabo to his audience.


Four-chair turner on The Voice (NBC) and Top 25 contestant on The Vox, Cabo’s ease on the stage and behind the mic continues to earn praise from fans and critics alike. In addition to his latest release, the pop rockers arsenal includes the four-song EP Stratospheric. Warren and Cabo’s partnership has included hits like 2017’s “Hate Has No Home Here” and the anti-bullying themed “Wear Your Words” (2018). After nailing the Whitesnake mega hit “Here I Go Again” for The Voice, it’s easy to hear the change-ups and commanding performance in “All Night Again”. This is the same artist, only he shows a more sensitive side. The resonance in his deep voice takes on a whole new character and Cabo meets all expectations and then some.

Trying to be brave…so I wish our bodies could talk…when I can spend all night again with you, sings Cabo. The melodic piano slithers its way under his voice, like excess water scattering underneath rocks. His voice, poetic and strong, has slight embers of pain. He’s hurting, but doesn’t let on too much. How long’s this going to take, he ponders. Mesmerizing, the piano almost creates an imaginary view of two bodies trying to connect. Diverging forces — the ebb and flows of the keys — mimic these struggling forces. We live in a modern age where we have everything at our finger tips. Songs like “All Night Again” bring to light what we’ve taken for granted. You can hear that exclusion bubbling up within Cabo’s vocals.

Warren’s words, too, find the sweet spot between giving the listener a literal meaning and passing the imagination baton. She leaves leeway for the listener to be inspired by a variety of thoughts and meanings, discovering a new take on each listen. Her words seem to be kin to Cabo’s voice. She digs deeper that clichés, and paints a storied picture that feels all too real. Even the simplest words like I feel so torn, create an instant reaction from the listener.


Fans that love a power ballad like “Someone You Loved” (Lewis Capaldi), “Someone Like You” (Adele) and even Poison’s “Something To Believe In” take note. Cabo’s latest offering is a triumphant song. Reaching within his wide-ranging soul, Cabo connects the listener to a lovely tune. While you might think on the surface is voice is more suited for arena rock, Cabo’s force-of-nature capabilities in “All Night Again” bring to the spotlight his absolute pitch. The tide is in his favor, “All Night Again” is an absolute hit.

Colin Jordan

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