REVIEW: Andre’ Mayon “Love At First Sight” Single

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Singer-songwriter Andre Mayon has set the bar very high in his debut single “Love At First Sight”. The former DJ spins a lovely, heartfelt acoustic web, complete with vulnerable lyrics and a rawness in his voice that can’t be duplicated. Mayon, an Illinois-native, channels the intimate feeling and a rousing romantic public display of affection in this guitar-driven track.

With a crack of the acoustic guitar’s neck, the song has an audacious start. Mayon’s strumming may come across as crude to the laymen’s ears, but any music lover will have a different opinion. His tone is rich and authentic. One can almost reach out and touch his fingers strumming the guitar strings. Let’s take our time tonight, Mayon sings, matter-of-factly and conversationally. The stirring guitar channels dramatic ups and faster lows.


Mayon, who excels at video and production in his other endeavors, draws vivid imagery within his voice and throughout “Love At First Sight”. In his own expressive way, Mayon sings with the same serenity as James Taylor. At times he can sound so enchanting, like Brian McKnight, swooning his listener. He can hit some higher notes and the journey he presents in the song is one that feels warm and dreamy. I can easily picture this song making its way onto a movie soundtrack or television program. It lends itself to vibrancy and further imaginative mediums. Mayon’s words ring true. Let me tell you everything, everything about how to treat a woman, he sings, with slight sultry delivery. The motion of the guitar (in the music bed) matches the emphasis and the fever.

“Love At First Sight” gives a recipe for finding that true love and Mayon has a back-and-forth with a female vocalist. It’s not quite a duet, but rather a conversational break or two. Against the plucky guitar, with chunky guitar slaps, Mayon sings from his innermost thoughts. The resounding finished sound is polished, but not so perfect the listener doesn’t feel the intensity and actually hear the little taps of the guitar. The cadence and rhythm in this song is sweeping, like a slowly building dance. Mayon’s intriguing voice continues to unravel layers of sentimentality, romanticism and a truer sense of who he is as a man. He’s smitten. As an artist, this song is a wildly memorable track from which to come out of the gate to listeners. I think the little breaths between his words, the little sighs and the moments to catch his breath makes for a much more interesting song.


Mayon is approachable and “Love At First Sight” tugs at the heartstrings as much as it burns into the listener’s soul. Supposing this song were an electric mix, or a full band, I don’t think you would have the same listening experience. When Mayon slows down the tempo and ‘gets real’ he brings to the spotlight a remarkably poignant song. That’s the real magic of this song — in its simplicity it creates something even far more grand than the listener could imagine.

Colin Jordan

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