REVIEW: “Angel” (Single) ft. Kerry Ironside by Andy Michaels

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The single “Angel” from Australia’s Andy Michaels features vocalist Kerry Ironside. The uplifting saga, a triumphant success is just another feather in Michaels’ impressive cap. A work of art, this song is the anecdote to feeling lonely or having an off day, “Angel” transports even the most pessimistic listeners to a shining light of voice and masterful orchestration. It doesn’t seem enough to call this song beautiful; “Angel” is miraculously lovely.


Michaels, who also worked with vocalist Ironside on “The Flame”, embraces the listener immediately. The music bed swirls with a moving acoustic guitar. It’s the sort of setup that speaks volumes, even though it’s just a simple arrangement. As the song moves along, so does the drama and sky-opening sonic blends. Hugging the music together, too, is a harp-like sound. It’s a quick, shimmering ethereal sounding blend. Opening up even more, is the grand entrance to the backing choir. As a listener, I felt my body stand taller, my chest more pronounced. I didn’t feel like walking on water, but I couldn’t stop from smiling.

Let your love shine for everyone to see, Ironside sings. Her voice has a silver lining to it, a metallic racing stripe. She sounds like she’s been singing for hours upon hours and just can’t stop her joy. Every time you go away, I know you’ll stay, Ironside sings. This line calls to mind the idea of having an angel watching over her; in spirit this individual is always by her side. The elegance and realness in Ironside voice is cut from the same diamond as Melissa Etheridge. They share the same ethos and impassioned pleading in their voices. Only I think Ironside has such an endearing tone in “Angel” that when the choir sings behind her, she rises even more. The choir addition seals the deal for an already all-encompassing sonic experience.

The timeless message in “Angel” is that we all have people in our lives that add to our lives, watch out for us in a way that feels extra special. In turn, we want the best for them, and we want everyone to see how much light they bring. Michaels’ lyrics are a breath of fresh air, and an open curtain to love’s window. With such an inviting, warmly-toned music bed, fans of adult contemporary, Christian pop and New Age music will be just as enamored. He allows the listener to worship, without feeling constrained by modern religion. “Angel” has a spiritual emotional thread that weaves it way to the listener’s heart, but one doesn’t have to be a believer to feel the warmth and the treasured experience. Michaels’ words and Ironside’s harmonies, along with the goose-pimple inducing choir, invite everyone to enjoy this poetry in motion experience.


Based in Perth, Australia, Michaels has been performing and writing music since a car accident left him temporary disabled when he was 18. More than a hundred songs later, he continues to inspire worldwide audiences with his inspirational songs. “Angel” is from his album, Revisited.

Colin Jordan

Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer

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