(REVIEW) Bluewill — The Future of Retail (COMPANY)

Bluewill is an example of what arguably could be christened ‘postmodernist technology’. The tech boom beginning in the 2000s yielded a wholly capitalistic, arguably less holistic-minded corporate outlook, focusing on quality of product over widespread accessibility.

But in the wake of astronomical and effectively sociopolitical events such as the 2008 financial crisis, Occupy Wall Street, and now the effects and aftereffects of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies and business enterprises are being forced to take a closer look. With a new, inclusive philosophy infecting the traditionalist corporate cruxes, new technological innovation’s commercial success is geared toward not just maximum efficient performance, but in certain cases maximum widespread accessibility.

As an example of this marriage of altruism and commercial, enter Bluewill — an e-commence platform recently launched here in North America offering quality products for discounted pricing. With the highlighted company motto Sharing is Saving, Bluewill acts not only as a selective retailer of high-quality materials, but in being selective of said materials is a proven and highly reliable dispatcher. The company has put careful thought into tailor-making each of its retail categories congruent to the needs of the average, American consumer. There has been an effort to lean into the customer’s theoretical lifestyle needs, and as a result to build a retail model that is as much the child of shrewd business acumen and observed trends as it is based on personalized, empathetic modeling.

WEBSITE: https://bluewill.com/

In the spirit of its aforementioned qualities, Bluewill is proud to present specified customer ‘sets’ — i.e. packages pertaining to differing aspects of the consumer’s everyday, routine activities. The packages include the Work from Home Office Set, featuring Flagship Products such as an adjustable webcam, an anti-slippery long mouse mat, and wireless headphones. Other packages include an exclusive workout set, and a Home Improvement Set featuring Flagship Products such as a mini circular saw, a cordless screwdriver, and a random orbit sander. Specified categories across the board include automotive, electronics, household, tools, and sports & outdoors.

Part of the appeal with Bluewill’s already impressive features is future implications as the company continues gaining traction and providing services to a customer base spanning an exponentially widening margin. Said implications hold the key to what a future consumerist society might look like, the gradual signs and symptoms along the way of such a society slowly coming into fruition. The idea of mixing business with a certain degree of social outreach was an alien concept ten to twenty years ago. But the statistics and the data doesn’t lie. In some ways, arguably, the people have spoken. Bluewill proves a stalwart ambassador to such trends, because of its calculating simplicity with regards to design and succinctness when it comes to messaging. “We believe in real satisfaction,” the marketing reads. “We believe in real solutions…We believe in products for people — real people with real lives…We believe your home is your castle — and it should be what you want it to be.”

Colin Jordan

Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer