REVIEW: Charlie Alpha Papa releases “Bora Bora” Single

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Charlie Alpha Papa, or Cap as he likes to be called, takes the listener on an emotional escape in his new track “Bora Bora”. Sounding cool and sexy, this French Polynesian memory drifts back to a moment in time, full of love. Cap’s fond memory is packed with seductive beats and his crooning, suave voice. As if the summer couldn’t get any hotter, “Bora Bora” is tantalizing and ravishing.

Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Cap, served in the military after graduating from high school. Upon his return to civilian life, he took up his dream of pursuing a career in the arts and moved to California– building an empire that now includes a studio, label, publishing company and constantly collaborating with other artists, Cap is back in New Mexico.


Playing out like a soundtrack, “Bora Bora” has a clear vision from its start. The moving music bed, like an evening summer breeze, gives humid and hot vibes. Bubbling island percussion, hover just below Cap’s vocals as he swoons “we stayed on the water in Bora Bora…take me back to Bora Bora.” The song melts away, as Cap’s steamy vocals profess his fond memories. He has hints of auto tune from the studio embellishing his voice, but just hints. He doesn’t lose the feeling or the emotion. He’s genuine. “Let’s go back and feel love again,” Cap sings. This gives the impression that he and his lover are going through a rough patch and he feels at peace, or happiest when they were on vacation in paradise. This couldn’t be more ideal or real for many couples. Real life doesn’t exist when you’re on a boat in the middle of heaven on Earth. Cap never wines, he’s patient and the song swallows the listener up with its tropical tones.

“Maybe I’m dreaming,” Cap sings. It’s easy to become part of this dreamy getaway. I started to play out the movie in my head of Cap and his companion loading a plane and eating champagne and fresh fruit from the boat on the South Pacific Ocean. His Polynesian rhythms are solacing, reminiscent of strobing azure blues and sapphire. The water feels present, it’s waves shifting and churning under the imaginary boat. The listener never feels sea sick in this stable, motion-in-the-ocean groove. His voice has a gloss to it — it’s friendly and inviting. He veers the song into a sensual mood, but still lively and honoring an innocent feeling. I found myself cheering for him and wanted to know a bit more about this deep love and affection he has for this woman. I connected on a deeper personal level, too, and I think it’s because of Cap’s, well, captivating voice. The satisfying lyrics and the music bed’s movement splinters between pop and R&B. The music base also has characteristics of dance or smooth EDM. Cap’s “Bora Bora” is an open invitation to the trip of a lifetime, a walk down memory lane and an earnest desire to make amends. The bells and whistles happening in the music bed are icing on the cake to Cap’s generous, sincere singing.

Colin Jordan

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