REVIEW: Chris St. John — I’d Send You My Heart (SINGLE)

Chris St. John is a remarkable new singer/songwriter with a voice that can move mountains. A mesmerizing, hush of a voice, he sings from the heart in his single “I’d Send You My Heart”. The sophomore single from his I’m Dreaming album, follows the wonderful (and №3 charting on the Euro Indie Music Charts) “I Called You Rose”. St. John, based in Long Island, New York, is on a path to greatness. His lush vocals and captivating guitar playing are the perfect combination for such an interesting American poet.

St. John has an instant rapport with his listener. He makes you feel welcome, as if you were walking into his set at the local coffeehouse. He started the moment you sat down. As you sip away at your hot drink, his refreshing voice serves up its own aromas. He has a natural bounce in his voice, the same way John Denver or James Taylor give you the cozy feelings. I also feel compelled to the song semblances of The Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood” in terms of the guitar work. The intimacy and urgency in his voice is lovely and welcoming. St. John whisks you away into his world. Like a kite dancing in the sky his words and his tone touched my heart. I felt like he was giving us a peek into his private world, and a close-knit relationship with a family member. “I’d Send You My Heart” could be a romantic song, too, but this came across to me more of a loving familial bond, like a son to his deceased father or similar.


Some songs can get you in a rainy day mood — the days when you just want to sit and stare longingly out the bay window. This might be one of those songs — and it’s a good thing. I felt like the song’s prowess and St. John’s easy connection is very likeable and agreeable. I can predict this song will have a long shelf-life — it triggers several emotions. It doesn’t project itself to be an evening song. I don’t think you will be blasting “I’d Send You My Heart” on your car stereo and ready for a night out on the town. This song is more relaxed and focused on keeping the evening to an even keel. We need these kinds of songs — not everything has to be blaring bass lines or hammering kick-drum filled songs. I liked the pace and the tempo just perfectly.

“I’d Send You My Heart” is definitely an easy, relaxing Sunday afternoon playlist worthy. I think if we were looking for other artists, besides John Denver, James Taylor, to add to this listening experience, I would add George Harrison, Harry Chapin, Don McLean (especially his “Vincent (Starry, Starry Night” track) and maybe even Carole King. St. John definitely stands along and has spark to him — that ‘it’ factor. “I’d Send You My Heart” is a standout hit. Judging by St. John’s ease behind the microphone and guitar, it sounds like he’s just getting started.

Colin Jordan

Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer

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