REVIEW: Dr. Eli Joseph — The Perfect Rejection Resume (BOOK)

If there’s a term I would use to describe Dr. Eli Joseph’s new book, The Perfect Rejection Resume, terminology-wise it would be decidedly more upbeat. I don’t see Dr. Joseph’s book as covering what it says it covers: specifically how to build a successful set of patterns and strategies because of one’s acquired and learning lessoned failures. Rather, I focus on the endgame that Dr. Joseph ultimately promotes, hence coining the term exponential success to summarize what Perfect Rejection Resume entails.


“You are more than your family’s trauma. You are more than the mistakes you’ve made. You have a legacy you can create. You are more than the bad times you are currently experiencing. No matter how long it rains, the sun will always come back out. Better days are coming and some of the best days of your life haven’t even occurred yet,” Dr. Johnson writes warmly in the book’s introductory section. “If this is your rainy season,” he continues, “dance in the rain while it pours. If this is your season, bask in the heat of the sun. Feel the warmth on your face. Never forget about the hills you had to climb to reach this destination.

Keep your heart grateful, even when it seems like there’s nothing is going right. Failing is a gift. Failure cultivates space for other amazing opportunities and pathways. Use these seeming failures as your navigation. Stay the course. Things will get better.”


It’s this kind of clear, deliberately plainspoken but evocative prose that makes Dr. Joseph personable while simultaneously a bastion of keen observational experience, plus fact-based tutelage. The book boasts a progressive and quick-witted pace, never coming across as too difficult to digest but unsparing in its delving into complex, sometimes challenging proclamations, descriptions, and advocated methodologies for taking the long view from hard knocks. “Everyone has a dream job but very few people will ever attain it. Not for the reasons you may think though! The reason dream jobs often go unachieved is because your dreams constantly change as you grow into your career.

Constantly changing goals and objectives make the dream job a moving target, which means it is hard to reach. This is a frustration that many people just do not recognize,” Joseph writes in a section titled Treat Your Dreams Like a Slice of Bread. “Dream jobs are often attached to a perfect ideal,” he continues. “It’s this perfection that kills a dream job faster than anything else for the simple reason that there is no such thing as perfection…A dream job starts when you are sleeping and ends when you wake up. Period. Dreams create a vision for an outcome, but they are seldom rooted in the reality of a situation. Furthermore, dreams are passive. Doing what must be done to get where you desire to go is much harder because it involves that you act.”

By making the book equal parts motivational read, equal parts leadership advice, Joseph succeeds with what he has set out to do. But it’s the former aspect of Perfect Rejection Resume I think of the most when recommending it.

Colin Jordan




Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer

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Colin Jordan

Colin Jordan

Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer

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