REVIEW: Druv Kent — “Don’t Burn Away” (SINGLE)

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Sometimes all it takes is a whispering acoustic guitar that grows into a mighty wind, a powerful swoop of sonic bliss to make a great song spectacular. Such is the case in the new single “Don’t Burn Away” from Singapore-based Druv Kent. A bit of a spiral-spin, an evolving sound as the song progresses, “Don’t Burn Away” is Kent’s way of singing about his love for the planet, a wakeup call to save the planet. By the song’s end, it’s obvious his words and his message will not be sung in vain.


One of the things that makes this song so enjoyable on each listen, in an almost restorative way, is Kent’s voice delivery. Bolstered by a full music bed, Kent’s inviting voice sings with might you can wait, you can wander around, you can stand a little longer, ‘till you’re branded by your pain, seething in the rain, reaching for your patch of sunshine again. Knowing that the song is about Kent’s fight against global warning, you have that idea in your mind. However, that line — reaching for your patch of sunshine again, spoke to me in a different way. That line reminded me of inspiring words for anyone that feels down, or beaten down. That’s why this song has new beginnings with each listen. You catch things in a different way to hit you in a different zone of your heart. I felt like Kent’s words are very poignant in the fight for the planet, but on a human level, they mean just as much. They carry even more weight.

The chorus, when your world is getting sold, and your sun is turning cold, find the light that’s in your souls, don’t let it burn away, is a great hook. It’s breathtaking the way that Kent sings it, too. The call to action — find that light that’s in your souls — feels unstoppable. It’s a great connection and appeal to the audience. This theme really champions itself. As a wordsmith, I was enamored with the way Kent’s prose sings. I don’t normally fill review space up this much with actual lyrics, but they are just too amazing not to share. One of the last few lines really changed me for the better. He sings when all the songs have been told, and the rhymes are made of gold, find the light that’s in your souls. I couldn’t stop hearing his calming voice sing those words.

As reviewers we often write a lot about vulnerability. I don’t think you hear that emotion in this song because with an artist like Kent, he doesn’t present any walls. He’s an open book, and maybe you take that to mean his vulnerability comes into play in different ways. I think his pledge for the planet, his artistry is just so easy to stand aside. He brings you into the fold. He’s so assuring. The rising percussion and rhythm, exceptional lyrics and his ultra-performance, give Druv Kent’s “Don’t Burn Away” a high regard. He’s effortless. He makes it so easy to take that next step and hit repeat. Get this one ready for your playlist.

Colin Jordan

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Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer

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