REVIEW: Gabriele Saro — Back Parachute/Ring The Bell (2 SINGLES)

One of two new singles, by Italian Singer/Songwriter, “Back Parachute” is in some ways, a tale of two songs. It starts off with a tranquil sounding string arrangement, that more than succeeds in soothing you, as Saro administers his delicate vocal therapy. It eventually reaches an unexpected but glorious crescendo, that is as artful as it is exhilarating. Saro takes the concept of Pop Music, and strengthens it with exceptional technique and sophisticated structure. When you hear “Back Parachute,” you will likely wonder why he isn’t receiving regular rotation on your local top 40 station.


Gabriele is something of an overachiever. He has certainly proven that you can successfully tap into both sides of the brain, by earning a degree in business administration, as well as a diploma in violin. A masters in neuro linguistics highlights Saro’s higher learning, making us all feel a little self-conscious by comparison. Remarkably, it’s abundantly clear how seriously he takes his music career in spite of having the option for more stable paths in life, so to speak. His affinity for artistic pursuits, combined with a cogent mind, all but confirm his entelechy.

“Back Parachute” is a unique blend of raw instrumentation and studio wizardry. It’s a ballad that somehow finds its way to becoming a dance club banger, within less than two minutes of its nearly 5 minute run time. Saro’s vocals are pitch perfect as he channels all of his influences to arrive at the intended vibe. The song is an achievement based on its anti-typical arrangement, alone. It will be mildly shocking if this track hasn’t cracked the billboard charts, before Summer concludes.

“Ring The Bell,” seems to subscribe to the Pat Benatar notion, of love being a battlefield. In Saro’s version, love is a squared circle. This is ironically, a more tender piece than “Back Parachute.” Saro describes all of the aches and collisions of the heart that a particular relationship has beleaguered him with. He refuses to throw in the towel though, and wants to fight to salvage what’s left.

Once again, Saro’s vocals are exquisitely delivered, here, but blended a little deeper into the mix. This song leans more into the electronica direction, though never too over the top, or with egregious sections of throwaway noise. It’s important to note that Saro’s native dialect is Italian, but he sings both tracks in perfect English. His enunciation is startlingly clear, though the final mix on “Ring The Bell,” can make the lyrics a bit indiscernible at times. It’s only a small critique, as there is little that detracts from the song being an enjoyable listening experience.


Gabriele Saro has given us two similar, yet, well defined pieces of music, here. “Back Parachute,” in particular, is about as immediate as it gets. Saro should already be on your radar, and if not, these two releases are likely to change that. While “Back Parachute,” and “Ring The Bell,” are essentially Dance/Pop, they contain a certain gravitas, with the personalized approach of Saro and his collaborators. As a result, we have the very definition of a renaissance man, at the inception of his most definitive period.

Colin Jordan

Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer