REVIEW: Gabriele Saro Releases (2 New Singles)

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One of the biggest challenges in reviewing electronic pop or electro dance music is finding the emotional connection. The fabricated sounds, the computerized rhythms can sometimes lack a human feeling. Two new songs, “So Cold” and “Loving Clubbin” both pierce the heart and counter balance the technology aspect with the artistic vision. From Gabriele Saro, Yves Agbessi and Francesco Siliotto, these songs are on a collision course towards the crossroads between mental, physical and emotional experiences.


“So Cold” the more ambient of the two, is sung by a male vocalist. From his perspective he’s regretful that he’s no longer with his girlfriend. Winter and the colder months is upon him and he’s feeling extra chilly from being alone. On the surface that might sound like a typical song, but the rareness of “So Cold” is the music bed, ripe with brightness and melodic piano keys. Saro doesn’t just rely on the electronic piano, and the sound opens up to a much wider, canvas. Sharp and at times clingy, the music bed is a moving potion of classical hues, electronic and imbedded beats. The chorus, I wish you were here, here with me, I feel so cold, goes on to repeat so cold several times. It’s an intimate song, and the vocalist infuses an unguarded sensibility. He’s not just singing words on a page…you feel this one. He’s sad, but he’s not so depressing you have to hit skip. His vocals and the music have you wrapped around his finger tightly. Dare I say this, I could almost see this as a Christmas song. Hear me out — it’s cold outside, you’re feeling alone and this dance beat has your heart moving a bit faster than “Silent Night”. It’s a stretch, but worthy of conversation.

“Lovin Clubbin” is not exactly the opposite of “So Cold” but it in terms of theme, sure. The same male vocalist that exhibited a sense of isolation, of abandonment, throws the listener into a party, club atmosphere. The backing music shifts and sways, just like the heavy bass in a club. Damn! is the key lyric here, with it being used like an instrument. Emotionally, I was much more in the pocket with “So Cold” but if you’re in a mood for a night of libations, dancing and love, then “Lovin Clubbin” is the track for you. I just didn’t have the same grip on “Lovin Clubbin” as I did with “So Cold”. That’s not to say it’s a bad song. No, far from it, it’s just a completely different emotion. This one is more about getting busy and going where the party takes you, versus the inward reflection.


Saro is well-known in the songwriting world and has been churning out a great deal of singles and albums. Among his awards are a UK Songwriting Contest, a Top 10 in two editions of the USA Songwriting Competition and he garnered two silver medals at the Global Music Awards with his New Age/classical albums Sunsets 2, Passion and SensentionS. He’s written a staggering 900 compositions/songs that are registered with SIAE (Italy) and ASCAP (USA).

Colin Jordan

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