REVIEW: Hughie Mac Sings Some Great Songs Pt.4

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Hughie Mac does it right once again on the latest installment where he Sings Some Great Songs Pt.4, and that is exactly what he does, and he does it well on over 20 solid versions of his favorite classics. This is a collection that includes some of Mac’s favorite artists best known works and puts them together as if they were all done by the same artist with his stamp and their approval. You get more of the same of what he does for audiences on another release full of jubilant takes of these fine gems, done faithfully but with his own identity now attached.


With so many great songs covered here, it’s not easy to describe everything without carrying on too long, but it goes from good to better to great as the songs unfold. “Almost Like Being In Love” kicks it off and it’s a winning ticket from the start as you know how it’s going to go by the time you hear the first song. “The Twelfth Of Never” comes in and you’re going to want to keep listening, it’s that respectful to the originals yet he makes them his and that is never easy to do in any case.

“All Of Me” keeps the mood similar before it really starts to jump on a great version of Jimmy Buffet’s “Changes In Latitudes.” By this time, you hear a variety of different ways Hughie Mac’s musical taste runs, as it goes deeper with every track. “Two Pina Coladas” keeps the fun going and you’re glad to be hearing such a collections-of Mac’s favorite classics and get the feel of what one of his shows are like. Performing songs like this always guarantees class, and this is another indicator to mark his talent in the studio on these releases.

“My Way” is tackled with the utmost care in the Sinatra tradition, as well as all these versions do but this is always one to compare to versions of the past and he nails it head on. This is not a problem for Mac at any turn as he nails track after track, following this with “Come Fly With Me” and “Fly Me To The Moon” theme with two flying songs in a row. It’s all very good and hits just keep coming with “I Gotta Be Me,” “My Kind Of Girl,” and it even has a great version of ‘Galveston.”


The list goes on and on with standards like “New York New York,” “Nothing But The Best,” and “Try A Little Kindness” all coming out as clean as the rest on offer, as well as “Orange Colored Sky” and others like ‘Try A Little Kindness.” And it would not be complete without another Jimmy Buffet penned moment with “Cheeseburger In Paradise” making the whole experience more playful than serious where it calls for it, and more serious than playful where needed. And the last and final gem up for offer is “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore,” but it sounds like Hughie Mac still gets around plenty.

Colin Jordan

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