REVIEW: JD & the RetroRyders — “twoferu” (Single)

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Huntington Beach CA-based JD & the RetroRyders — “twoferu” is a new single with two tracks by this amazing combo led by “JD” Joe DeMeo. His band the RetroRiders consist of his partner Wendy, Mike Willson on drums and Adrian Sanchez on bass with captivating harmonies provided by Nicole Kubis and Nicole Perreira. The “twoferu” tracks contain the road storytelling “Fire In My Fingertips” and the mystifying “No Secret,” and they both rock on different levels to bring what is a full-fledged rock ‘n roll attitude without any negative vibes to be found. Instead what they bring to the table is a fun sound that seems all but lost today. With roots planted on the east coast in Long Island, NY, JD and fellow New Yorker Al Lepson are no strangers to the music scene, having been around playing in other bands.


JD’s music is heavily based in classic power pop in the most traditional sense, but these songs also reflect a Tom Petty flavor which borders on Americana sensibilities. But I wouldn’t classify it too far from what good ol’ rock ‘n roll is all about, with no particular complexities, just more like an honest musical celebration you’d expect from fundamental values.

“Fire In My Fingertips” is a song in which you can tell JD has been down the rock ‘n roll pike within the first verse, without question. Most of the basic structure of JD’s tunes aren’t far from the Beatles and others of their time, but more akin to Lennon and McCartney style songwriting. This isn’t something done without their own identity, as it comes out very original and seems to be a decision to sound that way and comes out natural in the process and this song does the business all the way to the very last note. JD proves he can sing a song with the best of ’em, and the guitars and backing vocals soar over him like magic and help make the tune even better. This track gets top marks for road song it is with all the pop rock trimmings in tow.


What is a twofer without the second half of this great single, as the mystical “No Secret” gets equal marks for completely different set of good reasons. This track is a little on the mellower side but a lovely contrast from the former in the back to back process. In fact, I am not sure which song I like better, and you really cannot beat such a value, so I wouldn’t hesitate to give it nothing but a flying colors rating. The “twoferu” single is a must hear, especially during the uncertain times of the pandemic and violence nobody should be engaging in. It brings a positive light to follow in a dark time for everyone, so music fans can be thankful rock is still alive at any rate through it all. JD & the RetroRyders help keep the faith as music’s duty to bring people together, not separate us.

Colin Jordan

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