REVIEW: Lavendine — Open Up A Window (SINGLE)

Coming back from the edge of pure medical hell can take a lot out of even the strongest, most mentally fit person you know. In the last year, countless folks had been rendered helpless and left stranded without jobs or proper healthcare as a result of a catastrophic pandemic. The world felt overwhelmingly loud and hopeless, and not even the best songs from our favorite music artists could fully help us feel “normal” in the wake of such staggering hardships. This is a feeling sister act and pop-duo Lavendine knows well, and they’re here just in time to save the day with a single that works not only as their comeback but as a much-needed remedy to the common feelings of fatigue and gloom in the face of misfortune.


Before they were on as much of a comeback tour as one can be in the middle of a quarantine, twin sisters Jacy and Jana Ayers were too familiar with the disdain associated with medical dilemmas. Both found themselves under a medical microscope and had to take a decent amount of time to step away from the studio to reconfigure their priorities and get their health on track. Now, years later, Lavendine is here to “Open Up A Window” and air out their grievances while also delivering one of the most refreshing and catchy tracks of the entire year thus far.

“It’s time to tell the new day it’s good to finally see you. It’s time to tell the heartache, you’re not mine, go away. It’s time to find the reasons to smile and go that extra mile, to finally see the good that’s been around me. Don’t you see the change in me?” These lyrics from the chorus appropriately capture the feelings of a wonderful and confident return as Lavendine stakes their claim and demands a spot at the table of modern indie music. The song never hedges on a shred of cynicism as the lyrics and instrumental performance feel grateful for every word and note they can offer. The song is noteworthy in its mere existence alone, but the fact that it functions as a ray of sunshine that’s somehow able to break through a global pandemic’s rainclouds is worth celebrating and giving praise to.

Lavendine is merely a place setting with this initial single working as the set-up for whatever musical plans they intend to enact in the coming months, but this reintroduction to the Ayers sisters couldn’t have been more impressive. The polished nature of “Open Up A Window” showcases that the duo still has just as much talent, if not more, than they had when we last saw them and whets the appetites of audiences eager for more. The dominoes have carefully been placed and Lavendine is about ready to unveil the larger picture that is already in motion. “Just like the title says, it’s opened us up to a new season of creativity and we’re excited about the new songs we’re working on that we plan to release soon,” Jacy says. “We don’t know the future, but we’re grateful and humbled to be back making music.”

Colin Jordan