REVIEW: Linda “Peaches” Tavani — My Grown Up Christmas List (SINGLE)

Christmas season is upon us and joining in the joyous celebration is the iconic Linda “Peaches” Tavani. A one-time member of the multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated duo, Peaches & Herb, Tavani may have cemented her role in music history with “Shake Your Groove Thing” and “Reunited”, it’s in her new holiday track, “My Grown Up Christmas List” that Tavani showcases just why the spotlight shines on her gorgeous voice. The song, a jazzier and classier version of Amy Grant/David Foster’s 1992 hit (Kelly Clarkson helmed the song in 2003 on American Idol), is nestled securely in Tavani’s talents.


Im not a child but my heart can still dream, Tavani sings. The music bed to her song is filled with regal horns and enchanting piano. This song, although it’s a secular Christmas song, felt almost spiritual to me. I think it’s mainly because Tavani sings with her entire being. There are little moments when you can just close your eyes and imagine her smiling. This song has layers to it and the gist of the song is about wishing to Santa that he would help all mankind. I felt like Tavani could take on that weight of the world — that she knew the importance in the words. She has a way that makes the listener feel an instant trust — a quick connection in her artistry. You feel safe listening to her and she dazzles with her delicate balance of nostalgia and vocal prowess. It has a jazzy bounce to it, a definite bluesy-club vibe.

In other words — she can really sing. I knew that going in, and it was a thrill to hear her solo voice. I felt like the orchestration is the right tone, and the vibrancy of her voice more than elevates the listening experience. I was hanging on her every word — feeling like each corner, each stanza was opening a magnetic experience. She makes you feel the warmth and the love from her own heart. This song is a great ‘grown up’ song because it’s a wonderful reminder that we’re all hurting and that the holidays and families are all that really matter in life. She really gives it her all and there are no extra bells and whistles to distract the listener.

Tavani possesses one of America’s greatest voices. Formerly known as Linda Greene, Tavani has also recently released “Give Me Love” and she has released four Gospel albums with her husband, composer and music producer, Stephen. The couple founded the organization, Winning Our World (W.O.W.). Their WOW JAMS are transformative outreaches held in underserved communities across the United States and around the world. Over 1.4 million people have attended the jams, with 158,000 volunteers providing one million hot meals, repaired 46,000 bikes and have given thousands of haircuts, makeovers, plants, groceries and prizes all free and at no cost. It seems to me that Tavani is spreading the reason for the season not just in the outstanding track “My Grown Up Christmas List” but in every day, every possible way.

Colin Jordan