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My goodness, how can anyone say their life is boring, or things just aren’t exciting enough? In the new track, “Mundane” from electro pop/contemporary singer/songwriter Mali, the world is full of possibilities awaiting for her just outside her doorstep. Though she might daydream and wait for her shot, “Mundane” gives the listener an inside look at an artist that has a synthesizer for a beating heart and a voice that could charm just about anyone. “Mundane” is characteristically exciting.


“Mundane” is the second released single from Mumbai, India-based Mali’s newest collection, Caution To The Wind. A follow-up to “Age of Limbo”, this latest offering is proof that Mali can be a chameleon changing tones and vibes. Since her debut Rush (2017), she’s also released “Play” (2018) and “Mango Showers” (2019). Her repertoire also includes working with Slumdog Millionaire composer AR Rahman.

The story in “Mundane” centers on Mali’s inner conflict to choose a corporate life over pursuing her dream to be a full-time singer/songwriter. On the surface, the word “Mundane” conjures up some dreary, gray imagery. Mali injects a sense of reality and boldness in her approach. Besides the synth pop leanings, “Mundane” turns out to be poetry in motion. I felt like the prose and the story, which is definitely inward, has a remarkable appeal because it’s so universal. Besides navigating life’s big career choices, I can only surmise that most people have gotten comfortable in relationships. Maybe they’ve take the time to balance the mundane and just accept that relationship. Mali strikes me, from this song, as an artist that looks at all angles of a situation and has, lucky for us, jumped two feet into her art. I think that’s incredibly inspiring.

The music bed is anything by dreary or murky. It flows like a journey with roadside attractions popping up, signposts every which way. The beats and the dripping synth engulf the listener just slightly more than the lyrics. Mali’s voice, a magnetic resonating character unto itself, bleeds its path of light, vibrant pastels and starry night skies. She stretches “Mundane” to feel bigger than it might appear by her voice alone. When Mali struggles with the pros and cons — a life mundane or a life filled with music — the listener is there beside her, in an unguarded safe space. If you’ve ever felt the need to want to crawl into a woman’s voice, to be caressed by the likes of Martika’s delivery, then the same can certainly be said for Mali. She’s nearly hypnotic with her pop-flavored voice. She’s a testament to the beauty of a woman’s singing voice and she breathes an immense amount of life into a song with thick electronic waves woven into its fabric.

I wonder where Mali will take it from here. Her voice is suited for the folk genre, the pop genre, and the blend she creates with synth pop is pure alchemy. What I want to know is, if she had chosen the boring, mundane office career, would she still do music on the side? Life is about balances and I think the odds are tipped in her favor for a great musical career.

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