REVIEW: Paola Knecht — The Success Mindset: Take Back the Leadership of Your Mind (BOOK)

Paola Knecht can be judged as much for what she says in her new book, as much as for what she doesn’t say. She doesn’t impose three hundred-and-sixty degrees her philosophy on how to achieve grounding in one’s self to impose success. Rather, she’s more fixated on a guiding tone, based on developments in psychology, life-coaching concepts, and good, old-fashioned sense and sensibility. What she boils down to the most essential of concepts reinforces how universal things really are, regardless of their potentially complex specificity. As far as Knecht is concerned, you can conquer your own immediate world, it’s the mentality that tailor-makes the outcome, not the other way around.


“The difference between regular and extraordinary people is that the latter recognized what is moving them,” she states. “In other words, they have a vision of what they want to achieve in their lives. They know what to work and live for. People with a successful mindset not only think about what they want to get in terms of material things, but more about how their vision can help others and how the world would become a better place if they could fulfill that vision.” She goes on to cite the timeless example of Nelson Mandela: “In his book, Long Walk to Freedom…it sa􏰁ys, ‘I have dedicated my􏰁 whole life to fight for the African people. I have (fought) against the white domination and also against the black domination’…His vision guided his existence, in all his conscious and unconscious actions.

Ultimately, reaching a position where he could influence the destiny of his country and move towards reaching his vision: becoming the first black president in South Africa.” Not to be flippant or too upfront, but what Knecht essentially says here I found a little cheeky. Basically, it’s if Nelson Mandela could become the first Black president in South Africa, you can do something extraordinary too. In that particular example, when the obstacles are that high, you realize achieving your dreams really is a case of mind over matter. That mind over matter, as a matter of fact, works. “(Your) vision should act as your north star: it shows you the ultimate destination, guiding you on your journey to success. It does not tell you specifically how you will get there; but simply acts like a compass.

The path is not important at this point,” Knecht writes. “Many people get frustrated because they know where they would like to go but have no clue how to get there. At this point in your journey of self-discovery, the how does not really matter. The how will unfold and clear the path as soon as you put your feet into action. What is crucial is to understand where you are going. Where are you investing all your time and energy?”


What makes Knecht stand out in her field is her clarity. Once you’re finished reading the book, appropriately christened The Success Mindset: Take Back the Leadership of Your Mind, things suddenly don’t seem so monumental. As long as you’re quick on your feet, sharp with your perceptive senses, and realistic about the immediacies of your environment that are utilizable, the sky is the limit. It’s a welcome relief to hear something like that, especially in the aftermath of the second great pandemic, and in an era where statistically the youngest generations are suffering with the most depression.

Colin Jordan

Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer