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Life’s lessons has taught Peter Ruppert important insights strengthening his ability to outlast and overcome any crisis he may face. He’s decided to share those insights and lessons alike with readers in his book Limitless: Nine Steps to Launch Your One Extraordinary Life and the nine chapters compromising the book’s body are written with engaging and intelligent stylishness. Weaving his personal experiences into the book’s structure is a critical factor in its success; it likewise further humanizes Ruppert’s work and makes his already easily comprehensible concepts further digestible for readers.

The nine steps focus on revamping your mental habits when dealing with adversity, but there are other elements as well. Despite a relatively brief length, Ruppert penned a comprehensive text on the topic of self-improvement.

His approach places the onus on the practitioner and making individuals responsible for their personal success and/or failure while emphasizing they hold their destiny in their hands is an effective slant. Lesser writers might have taken a colder, more informal approach, but Ruppert establishes a dialogue with readers where you never feel cheated or judged. His desire to assist you with a new vision for life is palpable. It is a byproduct of his extensive background in education extending back twenty years, but it likewise reads like he has tremendous empathy for his fellow human beings alongside an intuitive comprehension of human nature. He knows our struggles. He identifies with them.


It is that quality I believe readers will respond to more than any other. There is solid reason driving Ruppert’s plan for learning how to endure difficulties and emerge stronger from the experience. Intelligence, professional and personal experiences fuel that reason and he express his new design for living in clear and unmistakable terms. He adds exercises for readers to do throughout the book, but Ruppert wisely doesn’t weigh down the text with such devices. Ruppert takes the unusual step of including viewing, listening, and further reading lists. His confidence in his nine step method is total and inspires similar confidence in his readers. There is an appendix at the book’s end listing even more alternate sources.

None of this is throwing darts at a board and hoping to get things right. The clarity of his presentation underlines, repeatedly, how tested these steps are in Ruppert’s life and career. He is not alone. Others finding a similar path experience comparable results. There is a definite structure shaping his nine step plan and Limitless: Nine Steps to Launch Your One Extraordinary Life breaks it down for readers with relatable detail. I appreciate how this book looks at our lives and isn’t afraid to admit our greatest enemy is, more often than not, ourselves. Ruppert remains personable throughout the entirety of this book but never minces words with readers and has an unerring instinct for zeroing in on any issue.

Limitless: Nine Steps to Launch Your One Extraordinary Life is a variation on the self-help type of non-fiction publications. The focus arguably lingers longer on how its prescribed changes can improve your professional standing, but it makes no secret of its value in one’s personal life. This well-rounded take on the subject further distinguishes the book from others of its kind and ensures it will have relevancy for years to come.

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Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer

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