REVIEW: Randall Wheatley’s — Mary Me Margret (PODCAST)

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Randall Wheatley’s — Mary Me Margret, is a podcast series with video episodes added and this review covers five video parts which can be found on his website, YouTube, etc. The series by Wheatley is an oddity of sorts with an abstract approach to story and film, as it has both its light and dark moments. To make it more interesting, Wheatley is a music artist but decided after releasing a CD in 2017, to go a completely different route on Mary Me Margret. The result is nevertheless interesting and captivating, especially for film fans, but also for the adventurous audio podcast script.


“Episode 1: Mary Me Margret” starts the series without hesitation as to what’s going on, but if you’ve heard the podcast you already know. The videos depict each chapter with visions you can only imagine if listening and not watching, so it adds to the whole podcast making for two ways to enjoy Wheatley’s work. The story starts off with “Who is Margret?” with Wheatley loosely describing who Margret is and proceeds to tell his story of how they came together and why she was killed, which more episodes get into as the adult oriented series unfolds with each episode. This one clocks in at just 1:47 to introduce Margret.

“Episode 2: I Like Liquor” gets a lot more in depth with “What It’s Like To Marry Margret” being on the menu. The spoken word of Wheatley is backed by music but not so much in song fashion as in film accompaniment, but it plays like music if you’re not watching the videos. The subject at first hand in this is liquor, with many views of it flowing before Margret begins to take shape in what will ultimately be wed, and this is where things really take off and the video serves its purpose behind the spoken words of Wheatley.

“Episode 3: Nomads” goes deeper into the past with memoirs airing with the voice of Wheatley getting mischievous and the script getting more clever in the adult manner, and between the words and pictures it starts to border on the macabre and cult classic values. This is where it starts to get interesting and “Margret Speaks” and I was drawn in for more, having not heard the podcast before previewing the video series. The clips get better as they go, making for more interest as each get viewed, but taking nothing away from the audio version at this point.


“Episode 4: There Is Sweetness In The Pain” is probably my favorite clip but not necessarily my favorite part of the story, because there are more podcasts and clips to be added beyond these five. I just like some of the film sequences in this one the most, but to be honest the script gets a little dirty but in doing so it is also very funny as well as slightly gory. This is where you get to “Meet Don.” And “Episode 5: The Pale Blue Pillow” ends with “Time Tripping With Margret” and gets even more fantasy like as it comes to a close and leaves me wanting more, which I shall partake in as these videos continue to complete the 14 episode podcast.

Colin Jordan

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