REVIEW: Rob Alexander — Instant Sex (SINGLE)

Whoever it was that said dance music can’t hold the same emotional substance straightforward songwriting can produce clearly didn’t envision an artist like Rob Alexander coming into the fold, and in particular, his new single “Instant Sex.” As balladic and brooding as it is a song created for the groove addict living inside each and every one of us, “Instant Sex” is everything its title would have us hoping for it to be. The rhythm is an agent of seduction, the melodies dreamy and delicate all at the same time, and as for the man of the hour himself, Alexander’s vocal remains as transcendent a force as ever.


To a great extent, the lyrics in this single are starting a sentence that is ultimately finished by the grooves backing them up, and where some critics might look at this as being lazy composing, I think what it yields on the backend speaks for itself. You have to be a certain kind of crooner to work with this kind of a setup, and given the versatility of Alexander’s voice, it would almost be criminal not to put him in this type of a scenario — if for no other reason than to exploit his God-granted abilities.

This guitar element is really striking no matter what volume we’re listening to the track at, and I view it as being the romantic yin to the lead vocal’s yang in “Instant Sex.” There are numerous instances in which it feels like his voice is lusting after the palm-muted string play as it struts forth from the shadows and forms the basis for the groove as much as the drums would, and even though they share the spotlight brilliantly, they also compete for it in spots (with listeners emerging as the ultimate winner of the brawl).

There’s nothing wrong with using a beat to create a vibe, but when partnered with the supple delivery we get from a singer like Rob Alexander in “Instant Sex,” it makes it difficult to imagine making good pop music without rhythm being the aesthetical bread and butter of the piece. The bar is being raised in this performance, not just for my man but for the new wave of pop vocalists he’s been at the head of for quite some time now, and I think that expanding on some of the concepts he’s alluded to loving here would be good for the future of his scene and his career in general.


“Instant Sex” might be the most forward look Rob Alexander has given us since catapulting out of obscurity and onto the front page of indie zines and websites around the world just three short years ago, and I myself hope to hear a lot more material like it as he continues to navigate the competitive waters of the 2020s. He comes into this single with a lot of moxie, but unsurprisingly to this critic, he makes the most of it and gives us something even stronger than we know him to be capable of producing.

Colin Jordan

Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer