REVIEW: “See You Dance” (Single) from Cristal Carrington

Go big or go home seems to be the sentiment behind the first-ever release, “See You Dance” from Cristal Carrington. Prime time ready, newcomer Carrington is a bubbly-voiced pop/dance machine. If you aren’t digging the killer beat or the thrilling rhythms, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re looking for something with deep prose that requires a Ph.D. — keep moving. The only degree you need for “See You Dance” is to engage your B.A. (booty action). Carrington gets the listener stoked for a never-ending party.

In all seriousness, Carrington does impress. Carrington, who is based in Baltimore, threads together a modern/old school hybrid. The track’s lining is a river bend of emotional pick-me-ups. She doesn’t disappoint with the overall tone of the song. Bursts of changing vibes, from cool to hot, heat up the music bed. It’s what you might expect to hear at any point in the night at a dance club — something to get the group going and to keep the dancers on the floor.


Carrington’s voice is perfect for the song’s pace. She doesn’t stretch too far out of her range, although, I would have liked to see a bit more diva-esque scales. I have a feeling she can belt out like some of the best (Adele, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Patti LaBelle), but she refrains. I sensed strong vitality in her voice, a genuineness. She doesn’t sound fabricated. There are very few lyrics in “See You Dance”. I want to see you dance, I want to see you party, she sings, quite frequently. The reverberating beat, underneath her slick voice tattoos itself within minutes. The booming in the music bed, fused with Carrington’s vocals is lit! It’s not heavy house music or trap, but it’s legit heavy dance pop. The quick-changeovers and escapism happening in the music feels almost overwhelmingly fun. It’s a hyperactive, spinning machine.

Remember the song “Pump Up The Jam” or the Reebok Pumps? Carrington recalls both in the also-frequently-sung pump, pump, pump it up. This really made me smile. Just when you’ve finally got hooked on pump, pump, she goes back and forth, to the I want to see you dance lines. She counts, too, and says Uno! Dos! Tres! Quatro! By that point, I was exhausting myself from dancing. It sure gets the blood pumping. “See You Dance, from Carrington’s album, Revenge is the perfect song to add to your workout playlist.

Overall, Carrington will be one to watch. Judging, too, by her exciting music video, she likes to keep the party going. In the music video, she’s wearing a beautiful, shining dress and blond wig. She’s ready to dance and struts her stuff, all the while, a quick editing of other dancers and even a beachgoer are having some fun. While she hasn’t noted what song from her album Revenge will be her next single, I took a peak at her Spotify profile. The nine-track album is stacked. Besides the A-level “See You Dance”, I would also recommend the colorful “Some Like It Hot”, the yearning “The Conversation” and the bouncy “Americana”. She really expands her vocals in “Americana” and provides further proof that she’s more than just a one-hit-wonder. Keep Carrington on your radar, she’s going to be big. Fans of pop, dance, hip-hop and even EDM will want to take a listen to Cristal Carrington’s “See You Dance”.

Colin Jordan