The music industry is in a new era, and anyone who thinks they can break into the mainstream market the old-fashioned way in 2021 is in for a bitter surprise upon sending a demo to different labels around the country nowadays. One of the most frequently frustrating elements of trying to get a music career off the ground is getting exposure, recognition, and most important of all, professional feedback from other professionals who know a thing or two about how to get from the ground level to the Grammy Awards without having to sacrifice artistic integrities along the way. That’s where a company like Song Angel comes in.

Song Angel isn’t a standard PR or publicist-based operation; it’s a platform that works off of resources in communication and connectivity proven to bring indie artists and management to the right networking agents they need to make an impact in this game. Sending content into Song Angel isn’t the same as submitting it to your run of the mill promotions consultants; it’s the equivalent of acquiring a slew of insider tools with the press of a single button, starting with the ability to know when and who is opening your content, listening to your music, examining your artwork, videos, lyrics and more, all without having to spend major label money.

Networking with award-winning pillars in the music industry can be half the battle for upstart players, but Song Angel turns this challenge into a much simpler experience than the competition can afford you. Using in-app messaging, every entity from radio stations to concert promoters and streaming influencers around the globe can contact you directly without filtration from third parties primarily interested in getting a cut of the payday. In a time in the business many would tout as more musician-controlled than any to come before it, few companies live up to facilitating that vision quite as well as this one does.


Specialized assistance is the bread and butter of making any route from rags to riches a smooth one, and on this front, Song Angel again leads the way. The folks who work at and with Song Angel aren’t just MBAs with a Spotify subscription — they’re real musicians like you who know what it’s like to come into the market with virtually no idea how to get a quality product into the hands of an audience hungry to consume it. Their attention to detail makes the difference, and I won’t be the only person to tell you as much.

Overall, it’s rather easy for anyone who works in music today to understand why Song Angel has developed the reputation for excellence that they have in recent years, and given the insurgent nature of underground movements in genres like indie pop, hip-hop and trap, country, and alternative rock just to name a few, it’s difficult for me to imagine their presence getting anything but bigger as the 2020s press on. The bottom line is this — if you’ve got big dreams as an artist, odds are in your favor that Song Angel has a package to suit your needs and propel your career to where it deserves to be.

Colin Jordan

Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer