REVIEW: Talon David — Not My Problem (SINGLE)

It’s safe to say that most everyone you know has gone through a sour break-up or life event that would have generally benefitted from burning some bridges, either before or after said event. It’s such a universal thing, you could walk down the street and rest assured that ninety-nine of one hundred people you pass have probably experienced it in some form. Music about such heartbreak exists and is widely popular as a result, and most of the time the music will dip into melancholic or sappy territory. It feels good to have someone dour serenade you when you’re sad, right? With Talon David’s new single “Not My Problem,” she begs to differ.


A pop single that enters the scene punching well above its weight class, “Not My Problem” is a break-up track of a different breed. It chooses to focus on the positives and shrugs its shoulders as if to say it’s not Talon David’s loss but the fault of whoever decided to go through with the break-up. Even without focusing on the antagonist in the matter, David opts to pivot and turn what could be heartbreak into a new, life-affirming anthem complete with throwing your hands up and dancing through menial tasks that could otherwise just fall into a daily routine. The song recognizes that everyday life is something to cherish and celebrate and never dips into feeling sorry for itself — the subject matter recognizes the ebb and flow of life and rises to the challenge to give more push than pull when it comes to things not going the expected route.

Within its composition, Talon David carries the song breathlessly with her crystal clear voice and bubbly demeanor. The lyrics never delve into territory that could feel mean, and instead opt to focus on encouraging the listener to live their best life and stay in their lane, letting good things come to them by watering their garden, of sorts. The instrumental track harkens back to pop song “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield, among other positive, upbeat anthems, with its layered electronic synth notes trickling over a fun drum pattern. The star of the show is clearly Talon David who more than steals the show with her vocals, but the music beneath her performance keeps up and maintains the pacing against David’s powerhouse appearance.


In modern music, it’s easy to see constant pop music being released and just write it off as you brush it under the rug. A lot of artists, especially in the last year, have pivoted hard to consistency in releases over quality in the songwriting itself but Talon David is only getting started and rightfully feels as if she needs to use the current landscape as her proving ground. “Not My Problem” is her first single of 2021, but it’s safe to assume it won’t be her last — her talent maintains the hungry, ambitious appearance as it has on her prior releases and listeners can rest assured that they haven’t seen anything yet from an artist as young and inspired as Talon David.

Colin Jordan

Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer

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