REVIEW: Terry Ohms’ latest album “Smooth Sailing Forever”

Terry Ohms is not who he appears to be, but as the vehicle for his latest album Smooth Sailing Forever, he might as well be heard as who he is on this project if you’re not already aware its creator Wes McDonald. But sparring the details and moving onto the album’s concept and song thread, McDonald proves to be a continuing independent force to reckon with and Terry Ohms gets all the glory on this magnificent release. The album is chock full of just what the doctor ordered up in 2020, with 10 top notch songs that go with the flow of modern times.


This is an epic of the colossal sort when you dig down and take the deep cut dive into every track as it starts off with “Curse Of The Bat” and you almost feel like it is going to be some Americana story. The song has its own wings apart from the rest of the album that way, and that’s a good thing as it takes on from there like a bat itself. “Artificial” waterfall comes in and it’s more of a worldly developing storyline with some country feel throughout it. Lots of diversity on this great rock album, that’s for sure.

You even get a ballad in the shape of “Sadness” which turns out to be a songwriting highlight, it’s just a real good melancholy number where you either fall for it or you don’t. The variety wares on with “Gentleman Caller” with its risky lyrics that almost throw you off the path but as the album keeps up you find this to be typical of Terry Ohms. I could listen to this song all day, it’s mighty infectious and that is all there is to it. Nothing can go wrong at this point.

“When Its All Over” is the most serious song on Smooth Sailing Forever, and it naturally takes the attention away for the time being to stand out as the albums ultimate message of the past, present and future. The lyrics on this one also probably hit home the most as well, as “heads will roll down the street and up the road” are some words you can’t forget. “Do You Feel That” is a good title to follow the message of the prior song, but it brings the tempo down some even though it’s still a fine track, just not a sparkling one like the others.


“Get Together” is much more like it and things get firing back to where they started with another well written, produced and arranged track. This is another favorite pick for those who want to know where to find the hottest track. If you like the Rolling Stones you’ll like this. “Time Has Come” is another reflection song that wins on every single note and keeps the album bubbling along very smoothly. But make sure not to miss some of the best music on the album with “Through A Glass” and “Action Room” are the two sleepers that must be heard.

Colin Jordan

Graduate: McNeese State University, Avid Beekeeper, Deep Sea Diver & Fisherman, Horrible Golfer