REVIEW: Vineet — Dreamin’ out Loud (SINGLE)

Fast-paced but controlled by the same discipline which defines the tone of the lyrics, the beat we find in the new single “Dreamin’ out Loud” from Vineet is undisputedly at the center of the song’s most cathartic moments. Vineet straddles the groove of the percussion with a smoky but ultimately fragile lead vocal that is profoundly reflective of the emotion he means to afford his verse — alas, what actually transpires in this track is just a bit more powerful than conventionality would allow. With a rhythmic pulse as potent as this, “Dreamin’ out Loud” doesn’t have to invite any sort of synthetic elements into the mix to sound like a muscular piece of music, which isn’t something I can say for a lot of the clubbier tunes hitting record store shelves right now.


Looking past the main groove, the texture that comprises the percussive element in this single is as essential to the mood as any part of the melodicism is. There’s an argument to be made that Vineet kept the drums and the harmony between his vocal and the synths in the backdrop on an even keel specifically to expose the natural vulnerability of his words, but even if this wasn’t intentional it’s nonetheless a really compelling feature here.

The lyrics don’t actually carry as much weight as the tone in which they’re delivered unto us in “Dreamin’ out Loud,” but I would still say they don’t feel like a throwaway attribute at all. There really isn’t any filler for me to point to in the three minutes and change this track lasts, but instead a lot of detail that would suggest a grander vision Vineet is only starting to unveil before us at this time. His is a sound as driven by progressive concepts as it is traditional pop ideals, and that’s obvious when listening to this single.

I really like how evenly the spotlight has been split between the vocal harmony and the swing of the drums here, and better yet, the mix makes it so that we’re never having to decide which of the two sides we to focus on. There’s a churning sensation that binds even the most rigid of parts together in this composition to begin with, and when coupled with the sensitive stylization of the master mix, I suppose it was inevitable that Vineet find the success among critics that he is with “Dreamin’ out Loud.”

Experimental in construct but still vibrant and accessible to mainstream and indie audiences the same, I don’t recommend skipping Vineet’s new single this season for anything. “Dreamin’ out Loud” draws some of its influence from the post-punk acrylics of a bygone era in alternative music, but other than its framework there isn’t much here that would qualify as being a throwback. This is an artist with an eye towards the future, and if that wasn’t obvious prior to taking a peek at this track, I think it’s going to be in the weeks and months following its release.

Colin Jordan