REVIEW: Zarbo —Correction in Direction (Electro Remix) (SINGLE)

Most of us who enjoy a night out at the club never knew we would run into this kind of a dry spell worldwide, and not even for lack of a talented soundtrack, but that hasn’t stopped Zarbo from dropping one of their best remixes thus far in “Correction in Direction (Electro Remix)” this season. Zarbo have been making a name for themselves in the shadows of the Canadian pop scene for years, and while their sound has changed significantly in the past decade, there’s no debating the authenticity of their current identity when listening to a remix like this one.


There’s a ton of energy coming off of the beats here, and I would say they’re beastly enough to have compensated for a total lack of lyrics had the act decided to go in that direction. Nevertheless, even with the presence of the lead vocal, the drums are always shaping the spirit of the narrative with as much significance as anything our singer is doing — if not a bit more. It takes humility to make this kind of music, and moreover, an ability to realize where human capabilities for expression end and that of the aesthetical weapons you’re working with begin.

I would have liked just a little more from the bass here than Zarbo ended up giving us, but I can also appreciate the obvious desire on the part of this act to stay away from the negative overindulgence so many of their rivals have gotten lost in over the years. There’s really nothing worse than taking something brilliant and overdressing it, especially in the case of a remix like the one they were trying to create in this version of “Correction in Direction,” and rightly excess was left on the sidelines for this very reason.

While this is undeniably a single made for those of us who love to dance and sweat to a powerful sonic experience, there’s still plenty to be said about the harmonies that occupy center stage for the better part of the song’s four minute running time. These vocals don’t have to have the kind of punch they’ve got, but they’re provided with it just the same — almost as a way of accentuating the synthesized harmony with something supremely organic and fresh. It’s multidimensional thinking without a doubt, and something I’ve really come to expect out of vets like Zarbo.


I’ve been following the Canadian music underground since I was a young teenager, and if there’s ever been a good time to be getting into its best pillars, it’s 2021. Zarbo lead the charge in this performance and cut what could be their most seamless electronic single since first shifting away from pop/rock some years ago, and if you haven’t already had the chance to give “Correction in Direction (Electro Remix)” a listen for yourself, this is a good occasion on which to do so. This is as premium an EDM as we could ask for, and all things considered I think it’s falling into our laps at the right moment.

Colin Jordan