REVIEW: Tanille Edwards — “Not This Time” (Single)

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New York’s Tanille Edwards, who performs under the name Tanille, has a new song called “Not This Time” that is sure to have listeners rolling in the deep. Bringing much more depth and personal fortitude to an R&B / pop track than most, Tanille’s sensational track hits on all the right beats. Quickly working fast to get the listener grooving, “Not This Time” also leaves its heart on its sleeve. One of a kind, and gets you what you need, Tanille’s “Not This Time” hits the mark.

Tanille is a multi-faceted artist, who in addition to penning this song, is also a published author with a series of children books and young adult series, to her credit. She’s also released holiday music. This song is certainly PG, but her feelings are what many adults go through. She’s at the end of the line with this guy and nothing more he can say or do will change things. You know what you did, I can’t forgive, not this time, she sings. She’s not singing with anger or resentment. Nor is she singing in exhaustion. She’s matter-of-fact. When she sings the words not this time for her chorus, it immediately sticks with listener. Her journey becomes the listener’s journey. Her words pierce in a way that feels so genuine. She doesn’t have to go into a long backstory to tell us why she’s given up on this relationship (and it wasn’t hers to give up).

The music bed can at times be funky. It has moments of glamour, of light and joy. It also has moments where the beat feels lower, in a darker place of the heart. It has a great sense of motion. I can also see a DJ remixing the base and giving it a few more adrenaline rushing tones. Tanille has a great starting point. Fans really wanting that fast, pronounced music base will have to be patient for additional opportunities. I think Tanille chose the makeup of this song to be more mellow, more focused on the mood and tone you go through during a breakup. It can be heart pumping at times, but it’s about the ‘in-between’ times, too. I like where Tanille took me as a listener; one moment I’m ready to dance fast, the next more of a slow, contemplative mood. It’s a special song.

“Not This Time” is being released at a time that is full of amazing music. Unfortunately, there is also an abundance of artists churning out quantity over quality. Tanille should be very proud of her work, her exemplary song, reaching listeners with a song that connects on many levels, and is top quality. “Not This Time” should not be overlooked by any means, but the pop/R&B genre is very competitive. Her passion for her art is admirable. I think she puts forth an incredible song and it might not get the attention it deserves, but it’s never too late to listen to music that has such a universal appeal.

Colin Jordan

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